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WCA Pharma Academy

Membership of the WCA Pharma Group of Networks is tailored to suit the levels of experiences, expertise and qualifications held by members. Both are fully validated and our members tell us we have the best TWO Pharmaceutical Logistics networks in the industry. If you have GDP certification, you are eligible to be considered join the WCA Pharma GDP Network.

The WCA Pharma GDP Network is fully validated, members operate under a global QMS, SOP’s & SLA’s and are fully audited. The network operates to the highest standards within the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industries. We help to promote the network for global RFQ’s from the world’s leading companies. With all of the above in place, it ticks ALL requirements, even from the most demanding shippers and manufacturers. Only members with GDP Certification or CEIV accreditation can hold membership within this network. If GDP Certification expires, members transfer over to the WCA Pharma Academy Network.

The WCA Pharma Academy Network is home for experienced companies and also members looking to learn how to develop within this niche. Supported by The WCA Academy the focus in on Training, Compliance, Guidance, Protection & Education. We offer online training to help your staff prepare and develop within the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Logistics Industry. Examples of online courses included are:

  • GDP for Transport Management & Drivers
  • Preparing for GDP – Operations
  • Pharmaceutical Logistics, Sales Training

During WCA Pharma Academy training, the WCA Academy will manage your training records. This is something that will be expected by Pharmaceutical shippers and manufacturers. Many forwarding companies do not have the resources to handle this correctly and suffer as a result. The fact you are supported by the WCA Academy will be a great benefit as you continue your journey into Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Logistics.

All of this will help you prepare for classroom GDP courses. We offer these regionally, around the world and via WCA Conferences. There were many planned for this year, but, sadly, due to COVID19, these have been postponed. We will make an announcement as the world heals for venues and opportunities. In the meantime, I am pleased to confirm that the WCA Academy has gained special dispensation to deliver GDP for Pharmaceutical Logistics courses. Once the GDP classroom course is passed, you will become GDP Certified. Our focus is in helping our members achieve above industry standard qualifications, without the HUGE price tags.

With your GDP Certification, you have the option to join the WCA Pharma GDP Network, or, remain in the WCA Pharma Academy Network. Both are excellent opportunities. Both are fully validated which means business can be handled from members in each network and fully covered under GDP requirements.

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