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WCA Pharma Academy

The WCA Pharma Academy has been created to assist members of the WCA Pharma – GDP Certified group and ensure that adequate training is provided to help the industry. 100% validated to comply with GDP & fully supported by the WCA Academy who provides a full pathway to Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Logistics via a combination of online and classroom training.

Previously, the WCA Pharma network could only accept applications from highly qualified and experienced members. With the opening of WCA Pharma Academy, we can accept applications from companies in regions that require network coverage. We can help businesses with full training records, SLA's, SOP's, in preparing for audit and compliance all the way through to GDP certification. Once the levels, training and standards have been met, companies will be qualified to join the WCA Pharma - GDP Certified network and stand shoulder to shoulder with their global partners to receive and bid for global RFQ's.

All have the attention to detail required that has seen them become established and recognized by the leading Pharma Industries throughout the world.

The Members within WCA Pharma – GDP Certified are 100% validated and have dedicated RP personnel fully conversant in the GDP guidelines required for the special handling of Pharmaceutical products and global RFQ's. From Clinical trials, Biotech, Plasma, Laboratory, Health Care, Chilled, Frozen, Controlled Ambient, Packaging, Air, Ocean and Land, you have all Pharmaceutical clusters contained within one exclusive group of qualified forwarders.

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