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Five reasons to become a member of the WCA Pharma

WCA Pharma

is the World's leading Pharmaceutical Logistics Network. Our members are the leading independent forwarders in the World. The latter operates to the highest GDP standards and has the experience, know-how, and expertise to handle pharmaceutical products, from clinical trials, APIs, healthcare, plasma, bio-pharma, controlled drugs, and more.
Our members move products professionally and with the care and attention required. Members offer a complete temperature range, from frozen and chilled, to heated and controlled.
Cold Chain, IATA Time and Temperature Sensitive, our members help to ensure the end user, ultimately, the patient remains first and foremost in their thoughts. Here are five good reasons to join us:
  • The only Fully Validated Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Network in the World.
  • The only Fully GDP Trained and GDP Certified Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Network in the World
  • The only Network to
    offer fully comprehensive Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences "Risk" members-only Insurance products
  • Access to the EXCLUSIVE World Specialty Logistics Fair annual conferences
  • Complete financial protection between all members of
    The WCA Pharma Network
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