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ES Logistics Delivers Around 3.5 Million of an Essential Pharmaceutical for Treating Covid-19 from Lisbon to Brazil

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On the first week of May, the Brazilian agent ES Logistics delivered another charter flight with an essential pharmaceutical, which is part of the treatment kit to Covid 19 patients and will supply around 200 hospitals nationwide.

The figures of the COVID-19 in Brazil are critical as country faces huge number of hospitalization and a lack of supplies.

ES Logistics chartered four flights for delivering it in two weeks. Airbus A330-900neo was used to transport all the cargo from Lisbon to Sao Paulo.

According to Mr. Fabiano Ardigó, ES Logistics Director, this project was very special, temperature-controlled, and heavily supervision by ANVISA, Brazils Public Health Authority. Once it touches the ground, the cargo is immediately transferred for Cold Storage until transported to the final destination. This step is vital to maintain its quality and stability.

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Due to higher availability and affordable costs during the pandemic, chartering passenger planes for cargo transport has been a solid strategy for project forwarders.

Project shipments are a vital area for ES Logistics. With over 20 years of experience and a solid portfolio, ES Logistics is placed amongst the leading Projects Freight Forwarders in Brazil.

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Handling project cargo in Brazil has always been a challenge, but ES Logistics has proven again to be up to the task.

Contact: Jhulyane de Mira <jhulyane@eslogistics.com.br>