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Ibercondor Incorporates DL16 Technology for the Transportation of Goods by Land, Sea and Air

Ibercondor offers its customers the possibility of remotely controlling their shipments through the DL16 mechanism.

DL16 is a device with internal sensors and real-time internet connectivity, developed by the company DataLong16, which provides information on the location of the merchandise, as well as on its status (temperature, humidity and pressure). In addition, it incorporates an impact detector to determine if the product has suffered any shock or movement.

This way, customer can monitor the status, location, temperature, etc. in real time and can confirm that the transport and delivery of the cargo have been carried out correctly especially for those sensitive products such as perishables.

On the other hand, with the incorporation of this new technology, Ibercondor can control that during the supply chain the cold chain is not broken and that Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is complied with.

Practical example:

Last February, Ibercondor moved the first shipments that incorporated the DL16 sensor. The packages were moved Barcelona-Madrid and Barcelona-Paris by air.

The transported merchandise required a constant temperature between 2° and 8º. Through the DL16 device, the client and the professionals of Ibercondor Air Transport Division received, every 10 minutes, since this had been the programmed reading interval, updated information with the location of the cargo, the recorded temperature, as well as the humidity, the pressure and the possible impacts.

Contact: Mireia Joseph <mjoseph.bcn@ibercondor.com>

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